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12 Category: Building standardsI did not get a chance to meet the president because he ran late to his speech that was scheduled to be delivered at 2:30. However, I did get to meet many of my fellow senior citizens at the event, and I talked to some of them outside the Convention Center. While I did not meet the president, I was able to talk to a number of other people who were in the same or similar situation as I was. I was in the third day of being out of work for almost a year and a half and was pretty nervous about what was going to happen next, but the president definitely made me feel better when he addressed everyone there. I am glad that the government was willing to give me back my benefits because it definitely took a weight off my back. I also wanted to thank God for what he had done for me. Even though I did not get a chance to meet the president, I was able to meet the vice president and Senator Joni Ernst. As a grandmother, I was very excited to meet her because her granddaughter is starting college this year and it was nice for her to meet Senator Ernst. I am glad that she was able to take time out of her schedule to come out to the event. While I did not get a chance to see the president or the vice president, I saw the senators that had decided to come out to the event in order to support the senior citizens. I talked to all of them as they were passing by. It was very nice to meet them as they are people that I look up to. As a Christian, I was very proud to see the men and women in Congress that showed support for the seniors and veterans. Even though I did not get to see the president, I was able to hear him speak as the event was going on. I was very impressed by how articulate and how knowledgeable he was when he talked about the Senior Citizen and Veteran Issues. I was very impressed by the fact that the president is a native of Iowa and was very proud to be from there. I found it very interesting to hear the president talk about agriculture and the agriculture industry in the state of Iowa. I think that the speech was very interesting, and it was very inspiring to hear the president speak about the issues. It gave me a lot of hope that I will be able to get back on my feet and start making a difference in my own community. I also think it was inspiring for the other




Bs 5950 Part 2 2000 Pdf Free concapr
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