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Local Mortgage Brokerage Assisting Clients to Refinance During COVID-19

A guest post here from one of our local mortgage brokers Jonathan Harris at FirstPoint Mortgage Brokers.


48 hour Formal Approval from 1st Meeting

A complex self employed client had an application lodged for a purchase with a major bank through another broker. The client had already extended their cooling off period once, however, the lender couldn’t turn around the transaction in the required timeframe. We met with the clients, lodged the application and had the loan formally approved with another major bank within 48 hours! Further, the loan was set at a better interest rate than the initial application. WIN WIN!

Rates across the board from multiple lenders

OWNER OCCUPIED P&I: Variable - 2.59% 1 year fixed - 2.24% 2 year fixed - 2.19% 3 year fixed - 2.24% Investment P&I: Variable - 2.89% 2 year fixed - 2.49% 3 year fixed - 2.49% Investment Interest Only: Variable - 3.19% 2 years fixed - 2.69% 3 years fixed - 2.69% Commercial: Variable 2.99% 3 year fixed 2.49% Whether you're considering a review/refinance of an existing loan or potential new borrowings we would love the opportunity to assist.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above, please contact me anytime. 

Yours Sincerely, Jonathan Harris

P 02 9527 2230

M 0410 903 241



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